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Please feel free to get in touch with Nihoncha Canada if you are unable to find the answer to your query.

Is the admission ticket price cheaper at the door on the event day?

No. The admission fee will be charged at the same rate as listed on the website.  Admission fee, HST, and a service fee will be included to the total amount. There is no discount for cash payments, and the price is higher than e-tickets. For cash payment, the cash handling fee will be added to the total charge. 

Is it possible to attend the workshop without purchasing the admission ticket?

No. The admission ticket is required even if your visit is limited to the workshop. The workshop is a component of the Nihoncha Matsuri (Japanese tea festival) program. Please buy your admission ticket online today to avoid having to wait in line at the door.

Can I bring my children to the event? Does the child admission fee apply?

The Nihoncha Matsuri welcomes children because we wish parents of small children to enjoy teatime as well.  Therefore, the admission fee for children under the age of thirteen is waived. The full price will be imposed on the guests older than 13 years old. 
Please keep in mind that children are also required to purchase their own tickets to attend the workshop. Those without tickets are not permitted to enter the room for any "paid workshop." Parents/Caregivers with parental authority over a child can be held responsible for damage caused by the child. Damage is the harm a person suffers because of another person’s fault. The harm might be physical, psychological or material (damage to property).

Can I bring my pet to the event?

Animals are not permitted within the venue during the event. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Is parking on site free of charge?

Yes.  If the parking lot is full, kindly use the paid packing area near JCCC.

Will I get a refund if I'm unable to attend the workshop?

Tickets are not refundable, as mentioned on the website. Do not forget to arrive on time! Please send an email to if you know in advance that you won't be able to attend. 

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Nihoncha Canada was established in conjunction with this event with the belief that it is a bridge between Japan and Canada and the future development of Japanese tea. 

Our mission is to become the point of contact for existing Japanese Tea lovers and cultivate the culture for those who have not yet discovered the beauty of Japanese Tea. 

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