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Nov.3 2024
10am - 6pm

Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
6 Sakura Way Toronto ON M3C 1Z5

Drink. Learn. Enjoy to the last drop. 

Beyond simply being a tasty and healthy drink, various aspects of Japanese culture have blossomed around tea, including Sado or  Chado (tea ceremony) and Senchado (the art of making tea using sencha leaves). We would like to convey the charm of Japanese culture to people in Canada through tea. This event will be held with that goal in mind. For those who love tea, those who enjoy Japanese tea, Japanese culture, and Japanese food, and those who want to explore and learn about these things, this event will be full of fascinating discoveries! November is an important month for the ancient Japanese people, especially for tea lovers: it is the month of the ritual opening of a special jar called Cha-tsubo. In the Cha-tsubo, there are tea leaves that were picked in the spring, then carefully stored to allow them to mature during the summer months. This makes November “New Year’s” for tea lovers who follow the way of tea. We are happy to be able to hold this event at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre during this special month.


Vendors offering delicious Japanese teas have gathered together from Toronto. Each tea vendor chooses its tea leaves with commitment and pride.

The interesting thing about Japanese tea leaves is that even though they may be called by the same name, such as sencha, if they come from different regions they will have different flavours due to the varying climate and topography of each region. It is not about which tea is superior or inferior. 

Please enjoy and compare teas to find out which one you like best. All visitors will be given a cup for sampling and comparing tea samples. 

Happy Sipping & Enjoy!


Celebrate all aspects of tea culture through our interactive workshops and exhibits


CHADO Matcha Tea Ceremony

Tea ceremony demonstrations presented by masters of Urasenke Toronto. Serving Matcha Tea.

SENCHADO Green Tea Ceremony

Explore the next level of green tea/hojicha tea served by by Takatori-sensei, the grand-master of senchado from Japan.

NIHONCHA Japanese Tea  Intro

Perfect workshop for those new to Japanese tea world.  Tea lovers who wish to dive deeper are also welcomed.

TEMOMI Hand-rolling

Showcasing the hand-rolling Japanese tea leaves technique by Temomi masters. Join us and discover a world of tea that is simply extraordinary.


WAGASHI Japanese Sweets

Find the perfect wagashi to pair with your favourite teas. We also showcase artisan creations that you won't find anywhere else.


KIMONO Kimono Demonstration

Don’t forget to admire the beautiful kimono dressing exhibit during your visit

KINTSUGI Ceramic Repair with Gold

Learn to restore your favourite tea set and add some sparkle with gold accents

TSUMAMIZAIKU Hair Accessories

Tsumamizaiku, a beautiful and intricate kanzashi-style hair accessory making technique. Come and join us to learn more and discover new skills.

KOKEDAMA Mossball Arrangement

Kokedama is a beautiful way to incorporate nature into your home décor. Our workshop will teach you how to create your own moss ball


Create your own one-of-a-kind small plate to showcase your love for tea. Whether you're an experienced ceramicist or a total beginner, our workshop has something for everyone.


Food Vendors

Sweets and tea are inseparable. Popular sweets shops in the Greater Toronto Area are gathered here. The best of the best will be on hand to liven up your teatime. Don't miss it!